Small Group Study Guide (Free)

A Study Guide for Individuals or Small-Groups

Click Here for the Free PDF Version of the Study Guide in English

Click Here for a Free PDF Version of the Study Guide in Spanish

This study guide (free) provides a mechanism for individuals or small groups, such a life groups, or prayer groups to pray for the deliverance of the children of the world for Christ! The study guide provides opportunities for digging deeper in scripture, self-reflection, and discussion while partnering with the Holy Spirit as He forges and fires up your heart of a warrior. And of course, it involves praying!

This Study Guide can stand alone or be used alongside the book, The Heart of a Warrior: Delivering the Children of the World for Christ. (Available only on Amazon in print, Kindle, and Audible).

It is an 8 week small-group study for churches, youth groups, etc. Each session concludes with a mini-prayer guide for that session.


Session 1: Chapter 1 — Sitting Duck or Mother Hen? 


Session 2: The Heart of a Warrior is Strengthened Through A Heart of Worship


Session 3: The Heart of the Warrior Burns With the Love of the Father


Session 4: The Heart of a Warrior is Forged in the Furnace


Session 5: Keep Your s(WORD) Sharpened and Unsheathed!


Session 6: Fight! With Holy Fire Power 


Session 7: The Time to Fight is NOW!


Session 8: If Little Faith Can Move Mountains, What Can Limitless Faith do?