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Do not be surprised that your heart will begin to beat differently than it did before you joined this prayer movement. As the Lord forges and fires up your warrior heart; as you pray for the children, record your reflections, insights, and notes here in HEART BEATS.

We’d love to hear from you as to how being part of this movement has impacted your heart, your walk with the Lord, and how it has felt to be part of a life-saving prayer movement. We’d also love to hear testimonies.

Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman already has one she is posting here to provide encouragement as well as a prompt for you to join in as well.

“Every morning I take a 40 minute prayer walk around my neighborhood. I pray deliverance over street after street, house after house, and neighbor after neighbor. Three mornings I passed 2 high school girls, who appeared to be sisters on their way to school. The younger walked with her head bowed low, bangs covering her face completely, a feeling of depression and/or oppression surrounding her. I prayed over her from a distance (she had no idea, nor could she hear me), and I included “Deliver her with the blood of Jesus.” Yesterday, as I was on my prayer walk, I passed a high school girl, she smiled, made eye contact and said, “Good morning.” I mumbled a reply and it was then I recognized her. It was the same girl — but a totally transformed girl! She was standing straight, bangs had been cut, bright shining eyes. Wow! However the Lord delivered her — there well may have been some human help I am unaware of — but I saw prayers answered. A life saved. Thank you, Jesus, for hearing our prayers for the children!”

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